European researchers night: Glasgow Exploration

Friday evening 25th September a great group of Glasgow ScienceGrrl’s participated in European Researchers night at Glasgow Science Centre Exporathon extravaganza 6-11pm for a night of discovery and a SciArt Ceilidh.

Thank you all so much for your help. The Explorathon was incredibly busy as we had an excellent spot being the very first stand as people entered. We were all a bit overwhelmed with it at times when we had queues of people crowding around our stand. But it was a great success.
In total we handed out 212 postcard challenges where children had to find ScienceGrrls who were scattered around the 3 floors of the Science Centre and ask them what they did and then get them to then sign the card. Our ScienceGrrls were wearing ScienceGrrl badges and some had pink cowboy hats to help them stand out from the crowd of 1,300 people and several hundred researchers.
73 cards were returned to us but a lot of people wanted to keep them – 116 kids completed the challenge in total gaining 6 signatures on their cards and were awared a ScienceGrrl badge. So, at minimum, 6 ScienceGrrls spoke to each of those 116 kids, making a whopping 696 interactions. Even if we assume that the 96 children who didn’t finish the game only spoke to one ScienceGrrl (whoever gave them the card) then that brings it up to 792 interactions – probably it was a lot more. Hopefully somewhere along the way we managed to inspire a few budding scientists.
Additionally, we gained 21 new emails from people interested in joining our mailing list, and hopefully joining ScienecGrrl. A great big special thanks to Charlotte for pushing this one 😉 So, thanks again. You’re all brilliant. We hope you’re all enjoying a very well-earned rest. See you at the next catch up.
Becky & Tracey

IMG_9579-min IMG_9584-min IMG_9587-min


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