March Meeting part 2

CCA, 6pm. Present: Isabel, JC, Stanley, Sara, Joanne, Crystal, Rhona

1, Unsung Heroines – most of the SGs have come up trumps and have written their biographies of their chosen heroine. Rhona has also been working hard on the postcard design and we have secured funding from a Wellcome Trust ISSF fund for the printing too! The next step will be to add the biographies that we have prepared to Rhona’s design to check them over next meeting (April 20th) before printing.

2, XX Factor – we would like to find a girl guide group to subject to our first XX factor event. The event will take the form of female PhD students pitching their projects over 3 minutes with props but no powerpoint to an audience and SGGlasgow will act as judges. The audience will then vote for their favourite pitch and there will be a prize for the winner.  We will try to find willing volunteers from the worlds of physics, chemistry, maths and computing to pitch their work.

3, March for Science – Joanne and Anna have organised a sign making workshop for the Thursday before the march (April 20th at Starbucks on Byres Rd, the march is April 22nd) so we can get a coherent message across. We want to work along the theme of being pro evidence and pro expert and will incorporate the hashtag #AyeForSci, which is specific for the Edinburgh march. We will also make t-shirts with fabric pens.

4, Crystal and Sara now have official roles within SGGlasgow! Crystal Forbes-Muir is Event Photographer and Sarah Elg is Outreach Manager. We have also nominated Stanley as the official mascot and health and safety executive. We agreed that we need a permission form to use photographs of children so that will be created ASAP so that Crystal can get to work.



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