Meeting 18/05/2017

Present: Crystal, Joanne, Stanley, Isabel, Rhona. Apologies from Sara
We have a lot on this month, but nothing planned for July or August so it’ll be a big push before having the summer off!
1, Street party in Govan! We have been invited to put up a stand at a street party in Govan for deprived residents. The party is on the 3rd of June (Saturday) between 12 and 4pm. We thought we could do a VelcroMicrobiome stall with a throwing game to demonstrate how good bacteria prevent bad bacteria from attaching.
Staff: Isabel, Crystal (after 12), JC, Joanne, Stanley
2, Molecular Mimicry at the Science Centre on the 4th of June (Sunday). This is Rhona’s event and it has changed slightly from the last time it was run. This time there will be a molecular jigsaw puzzle made of felt and (hopefully) prizes of stickers and/or SG badges. Staff: Sara, Rhona, Crystal, Maddy
3, VelcroMicrobiome at the Science Centre on the 10th of June (Saturday). This is a tried and tested event and easy to run. Volunteers will help to create a microbiome with polystyrene bacteria (both good and bad bacteria, but hopefully more good!) on a large felt gut. We will discuss how good bacteria can help to protect us from bad bacteria and how they also help us to digest our food and metabolise nutrients.
Staff: Isabel, JC, Stanley (and someone to cover for lunch breaks?)
4, #UnsungHeroines. Rhona has been working hard on our postcard designs sand we looked through her designs to finalise which ones to send for printing. We have already had the first one (Katherine Goble-Johnson) printed and it looks fantastic! We are also waiting to hear if we have also won some funding to get posters printed, which would be brilliant!
5, Abertay. We have been invited to bring our postcards/posters of our #UnsungHeroines to an Unsung Heroes of STEM event at Abertay University on the 23rd of June (Friday). We will take Muriel Robertson and Tu Youyou for posters and will bring along our postcards too. This event is during the working week, so is more difficult to get volunteers for.
Staff: Isabel, Joanne
6, Data. We want to continue to collect data on people that attend our events to determine what they know about female scientists.
 Next meeting will be on the 29th of June, location to be determined.

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