Meet-up 7/6/2018

Present: Sara, Olof, Claire, Kirsty 1, Events. We discussed what we can do as events as we wait for MoSSFest and the Midlothian Science Festival to come around in the fall. We will meet the requirements for the BCS grant with these two events and if we succeed in getting an evening with the Maryhill Integration… Read More Meet-up 7/6/2018

Meet-up 12/5/2018

Present: Carla, Lara, Amy, Eoin, Olof, Sara, Joanne 1, Remaining budget. We discussed how to spend the rest of our BCS grant money and as we still have plenty of stock for our #UnsungHeroines activity we thought we could put the money toward travel costs for volunteers to get to planned upcoming activities Midlothian Science Festival… Read More Meet-up 12/5/2018

Meet-up 18/2/2018

Present: JC, Isabel, Stanley, Rhona, Sara, Olof We’re gearing up to start off the outreach season next month so this meeting was all about planning our upcoming events.   1, British Science Week @ Glasgow Science Centre. We are running our #UnsungHeroines activity during four 2-hour sessions on the weekend of March 17-18 (12-4pm) at the… Read More Meet-up 18/2/2018

Meet-up 14/1/2018

Present: JC, Isabel, Stanley, Crystal, Rimi, Rhona, Imogen, Amy, Sara Our first meeting of the year happened this past Sunday! Everyone was excited to be back, especially for a long fun workshop format meeting where we familiarised ourselves with our newly funded #UnsungHeroines activity. Also, we welcomed a brand new ScienceGrrl to the fold –… Read More Meet-up 14/1/2018

Meet-up 23/11/2017

Present: Sara, Isabel, JC, Stanley, Joanne, Claire, Crystal, Rhona, Amy, Imogen.  Last meeting before Christmas and the New Year – here’s what we discussed:  1, Biochemical Society Grant. We got the money so now it’s time to do some work! Isabel will order materials as set out in the grant proposal and for our first meeting… Read More Meet-up 23/11/2017