Monthly Meet ups

We aim to meet up monthly to discuss future events and how we can promote women and girls in science.

Upcoming Meet ups

We usually have a meet up once a month. The next meet up is:

23rd November 2017 – Starbucks Byres Road, 17:30.

Past meet ups

21st October 2017 – Starbucks Byres Road, 14:00. This was a handover meeting as Isabel steps down as chapter lead and Sara Elg steps up! Isabel will still be involved with SGG, but will be more distant as she is moving out of the city. We were also testing a weekend meet-up and had very low attendance so meetings will move back to weekday evenings.

20th September 2017 – Starbucks Byres Road, 17:30. On the agenda were science festivals, grants and leadership changes. Read the minutes here.

22nd July 2017 – Starbucks Byres Road, 17:30. This was an activity special where we practiced our chromatography skills for our new activity!

29 June 2017 – Starbucks 17:30 – Click here to read the minutes.

18 May 2017 – CCA 17:30 – Click here to read the minutes.

20th April 2017 – A special edition of the monthly meet up! We got together with all the tools required to make high impact signage for the March for Science in Edinburgh on the 22nd April.

30th March 2017 – 18:00 – Click here to read the minutes

2nd March 2017 Present: Isabel, Stanley, Joanne, Crystal, Sarah, Rhona

1, VelcroMicrobiome last month – The event went really well and was extremely well publicised thanks to Crystal’s photography skills and Joanne’s Twitter presence.We need to restock on almost all our materials if we want to hold another VelcroMicrobiome in the future!
2, Unsung heroines – We have a good list to go through thanks to the Twitter and Facebook communities (#UnsungHeroines). We divided our favourites up to research for next month when Rhona will add the information into a postcard layout to get printed. We will also add these heroines to the website in due course.
3, Cell Block Science – I’ve been in touch with Mhairi Stewart and she has a really exciting programme that we can get involved in – possibly as soon as May/June. We want to think of accessible experiments that we can do to show that everyone is capable of doing lab work. We will also have information on how to get qualified as a scientist later in life.

4, XX Factor – Also a concept developed by Mhairi. Female PhD students pitch their projects (without powerpoint!!) to a classroom of P7/S1 students. SG get to be the judges (probably with one “nasty” judge) and the students get to vote for the winner.

5, March for Science – we were considering starting a Glasgow march, but after much discussion have decided that it would be better to support the Edinburgh march to not dilute the numbers. SG will be joining forces with Glasgow Skeptics, British Science Association Glasgow and whoever else wants to get involved to organise a joint message and to promote the march.

2nd February – 17:30 – Starbucks Byres Rd

Present: Isabel, Crystal, Andrew, Anna, Joanne, Rhona

1, Feedback from Cumbrae House – The Burns Bingo event went really well and the residents really engaged with the game and enjoyed the science themed prizes. It was decided that a science (invention/discoveries by women) themed bingo game wouldn’t work as well as the Burns bingo as the music was important in the success. The questionnaires we asked the residents to fill in were well received and the length was about right, but the open ended questions about what scientists they could name were a bit difficult and the respondents were put on the spot somewhat and didn’t come out with much. We discussed having a list of scientists, but felt that that would be unfair to scientists not on the list and would reinforce scientists that are already well known.

2, Velcro Microbiome – this event is on the 11th at the Science Centre and Joanne is in charge. Bhoomi, Rhona and Crystal have volunteered to help Joanne with the event.

3, Tea with a Refugee – we had hoped that we would be able to use the tea with a refugee event to get to know some refugees that might be interested in hearing us talk about women in science. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to speak to any refugees at the event and we have decided to put the PE with refugees on the back burner for now.

4, Future events – interest was expressed in doing PE with parent and baby groups, retired groups, schools (using STEM), female detention centres and at Science Sunday. At the female detention centres we wondered what opportunities the women had to retrain and whether we might be able to piggyback on some of this retraining.

5, Becky Hothersall has asked SGs to get in touch if they are interested in doing PE – she has funding available for people in MVLS (UoG). We may ask her for some support for our postcards (see point 7).

6, Anna has registered our interest in March For Science. This March will take place on the 22nd of April and it would be great if SG Glasgow could be involved in organising the Glasgow march. Details to follow.

7, We would like to create some postcards of female scientists that have been overlooked for their contributions to science. We have asked the SG Facebook group for help in highlighting these unsung heroines and we will put profiles of these women on our website and print of postcards to take to events.

18th January – 17:30the Sparkle Horse

Present: Isabel Vincent, Joanne Power, Andrew Pountain and Sofiat Olaosebikan

1, Burns Bingo at Cumbrae House – this event is at a residential home for the elderly on the 25th. We discussed how the event would play out and practised a bit of bingo!
2, Questionnaires – We are working on formulating some questionnaires to collect data at the events we go to. These will be focused on women in science and will ask people to name as many scientists as they can, then name as many female scientists as they can. It will also ask them whether they considered/are considering a career as a scientist. We hope to also have the questionnaire available on the website.
3, Tea with a refugee – last meeting we discussed forming a lecture series for refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow. This meeting we delved further into the themes that the refugees might find useful. The themes we came up with were:

  • Basic statistics and critical analysis – how to sort through the BS in the news
  • Drug literacy – how drugs come to market and how to look at the packaging to see if you are paying over the odds for a generic medicine.
  • Communities and disease – why some ethnic communities in the UK might be targeted for disease intervention programmes.

This Saturday (the 21st) there is a chance for us to meet our audience and help us decide what form our lecture series will take at the tea with a refugee event – see Facebook for details.
4, Prizes – we have a budget which we have not touched for a long time.We decided to spend some of it on prizes for the public engagement work we will be doing. We have some Giant Microbes for those of us that work on microbes and nerve cells and Sofiat suggested a rubix cube for mathematical/computer scientists. We may also get some mini microscopes, stickers and astronomy stuff in the future.

5, Meet the Expert 11th Feb – The Science Centre have asked us to put on an event for their Meet the Expert series on the 11th of Feb. Joanne has volunteered to do our “Velcro Microbiome” event, but will need someone to help her on the day. We can discuss this further at the next meeting on the 1st of Feb.

December 8th 2016 – 17:30 Cafe Saramago350 Sauchiehall Street

Present: Isabel Vincent, Anna Kitner, Emily Larson, Elspeth, JC Le Bayon, Andrew Pountain, Joanne Power, Rhona McGonigal and Laurence Datrier.
1, Residential Home  – for Burns night we will be visiting a residential home for the elderly to do a Burns themed activity. We floated various ideas and decided upon looking at inventors from Burns’s era and seeing if we can find some female ones we can promote. We will ask residents to pair inventions to the years they were invented and the inventor. We will make these with jigsaw edges to make them easy to do. This event will be on the 25th of January 2017 and Isabel, Rhona, Joanne and possibly Anna will be involved. Another idea for an event for the elderly would be debunking old wives’ tales. This would be more suited to a home with fewer dementia patients than the one we will visit in January.
2, Asylum seekers – We want to start lecture series for destitute asylum seekers in Glasgow. The idea is to start with one session per month with one specialist and one more general talk. We will need to gauge how the first talks go down to decide what kind of form future sessions will take. Andrew is leading this and will speak to the centre manager with an aim to starting the sessions in February. Emily, Anna and Joanne are interested at talking at the first evening.
3, Jobs – To be more than just a public engagement forum, we would like SG to collect data at the events we do to produce reports on what the various groups we visit think of women in science. Anna has agreed to be our data analyst and will come up with some questions to ask at our events. We would like to stratify the data by social group (elderly, asylum seekers, children etc) and would aim to publish it somewhere as a letter. Emily has agreed to take over the Twitter account as she is much better at science communication than I am.
4, Closer ties to national SG – We would like to make sure that we tie in with the aims of the national SG organisation. I will contact Heather Williams to try to get some better communication with them.
5, Brownies/Kelvingrove/Kelvinhall – We have several events prepared for children (antibody recognition, microbiome, mass spectrometry, water properties…) so would like to find an outlet for them. It was agreed that Meet the Expert at the Science Centre might not be the best forum and Elspeth suggested visiting the brownies at their summer camp. She will investigate this further. Other venues (that are free) that may appreciate our input would be the Kelvingrove, where we have done activities before and the new Kelvinhall.
6, Men in science and feminists – Other groups we would like to engage with would be male scientists and feminists. We’re not sure yet how to engage these audiences so it is something to think about for the next meeting.

November 3rd 2016 – 17:30 Cafe Saramago350 Sauchiehall Street

See blog for an update from this session!

August 24th 2016 – 17:30 Cafe Saramago350 Sauchiehall Street

July 28th 2016 – 17:30 Artisan Roast15-17 Gibson Street

June 23rd 2016 – 17:30 Tinderbox – 189 Byres Road

At June’s meeting we quickly ran over the “Velcro Microbiome” event that took place at the Glasgow Science Centre with Imogen Johnston-Menzies, Ines Vollmer and Amy Irvine on Sunday the 19th (Father’s Day). The picture below is just a little taste of some of the microbes (some bad and some good) that children and adults took part in making! Yes, that is the intestinal wall in red that they are stuck to! The ScienceGrrls did a great job and we can always run another “Velcro Microbiome” event again if anyone would like to have a go at it! 🙂

Velcro microbiome
The rest of June and the start of July will be quiet. Our next meeting will be at Artisan Roast on Gibson Street on Thursday the 28th of July.
Our next event at the Glasgow Science Centre will be “Molecular Mimicry” with Rhona McGonigal on Saturday the 13th of August.
So until our next meet-up, look out for a blog post soon about the “Velcro Microbiome” event.
ScienceGrrl Glasgow is also available on Twitter at

May 26th 2016 – 17:30 Cafe Gandolfi64 Albion Street

Meet the Expert

Amy Irvine and Imogen Johnston-Menzies will be doing the “Velcro Microbiome” Meet the Expert event on Sunday, 19th of June, 2016 in the Glasgow Science Centre and if anybody would like to head over to the Science Centre to support them, feel free!The August event will be on Saturday the 13th of August and will be “Molecular Mimicry” with Rhona McGonigal. If anyone would like to volunteer to help Rhona out on that date also, that would be great! And feel free to pop over to the Science Centre to see her too!

If anyone has ideas for the October or December “Meet the Experts”, let us know and we can help set you up.

STEM Ambassador

If anyone would like to become a STEM ambassador also, then you can find the information here.

April 21st 2016 – 17:30 Cafe Saramago350 Sauchiehall Street

Meet the expert

At this meet up we discussed Isabel and JC’s meet the expert event on Sunday the 17th of April. There were 36 adults and 37 children that took part in the activity and that was very good considering the day (Celtic/Rangers match; last day of school holiday; sunny day) and Isabel has pointed out that we should be aware that parents/grandparents etc. will ask quite a few questions about your activity so just be ready for adult questions.

It is also necessary for these events to have Public Liability Insurance and to fill out a wee risk assessment and a few other forms to run activities at the Glasgow Science Centre. The public liability that you need to have completed to work with the public can be organised by becoming a STEM ambassador for the West of Scotland (Glasgow is within this area) or through your workplace.

Because we have quite a few members who may wish to become STEM ambassadors, we may be in contact again in future about organising a ScienceGrrl group STEM training session (to speed up the process for members of ScienceGrrl in the coming months as STEM courses are infrequently held). Details to follow…

The next meet the expert activity is at the Science Centre on the 19/06/16.

Tracey in New York
Our fearless leader, Tracey Howe will be away for the next few meetings in New York learning about science communication, empowering girls and women and scientists without borders. She will be blogging about her experiences while she is away, so watch this space for more information about how to access her blog.