The Team

Isabel Vincent

Name: Isabel Vincent

Works at: Glasgow University

Role: Chapter Lead

Science Interests: Isabel is a post-doctoral scientist working on developing new drugs and diagnostic tests for tropical diseases. She uses mass spectrometry to study how drugs work by measuring how molecules within the parasites change after drug treatment. Isabel is also doing a masters in public health.




Name: Jean-Christophe Le Bayon

Works at: Thermo Scientific

Role: Web manager

Science Interests: JC did his PhD in virology and has since moved into industry. He now trains members of the scientific community on complex equipment including cell sorters and microscopes.





Name: Joanne Power

Works at: Glasgow University

Role: General Secretary

Science Interests: Joanne is a PhD student at Glasgow university working on the parasites that cause malaria. Joanne is interested in the epigenetic mechanisms that are responsible for the ability of malaria parasites to survive inside vertebrate hosts, such as humans; cause disease; and then flee the body by being transmitted to a mosquito.




Name: Rhona McGonigal

Works at: Glasgow University

Role: Creative Director

Science Interests: As a neuroscientist, Rhona has an interest in all aspects of the nervous system in health and disease. She is particularly fascinated by the understudied peripheral nervous system, those nerves that travel from the spinal cord to the limbs and organs. Rhona’s research focuses on the events leading to the damage and subsequent paralysis of these nerves in the autoimmune disease Guillain-Barre syndrome. By understanding the underlying mechanisms we can more successfully test and target therapies to improve patient outcome.




Name: Sara Elg

Works at: University of Glasgow, Centre for Virus Research

Role: Outreach manager

Science Interests: Sara is a research technician currently working with arboviruses – mosquito-borne baddies like Zika and Dengue – looking for a vector-based control strategy to stop outbreaks in tropical countries like Malaysia.






Crystal Forbes Muir

Name: Crystal Forbes-Muir

Works at: Food Train- Operational assistant

Role: Events Photographer

Science Interests: Crystal has a love for the outdoors and an interest in the field Zoology. Her day job includes delivering food to the over 65s. Crystal also enjoys being the Events photographer for ScienceGrrl Glasgow and also for N.V Dance.